Life Coach/ Spiritual Counselor

A listening ear.  My main service is as a "supportive friend."  Offering a listening ear, with both educational and real world experience in ministerial care & depth psychology.  My main goal is to help you bear or overcome your weaknesses and get to the next level in your life.

All of my methods are fun, centering around your development.  Our sessions are all about "You!"  I offer Life Coaching, Counseling and Mentoring from a perspective in which you feel most comfortable.   All sessions can be done over the phone or in person.  You and your faith are the active agent in your healing and transformation.  The end goal is a release, in which I come alongside you and encourage you to build your faith, overcome your fears, and accomplish the goals you always wished you could attain.


Food can heal.  Completely analyzing your current health and daily diet, I develop a nutritional meal plan specific to your needs.  I provide suggestion of Foods , natural products, or supplements that will help you lose weight and add energy back into your life.  This service also includes on-call coaching and support.  

Healthy nutrition involves protein, carbohydrates, vegetables, fruits, fats, and sugar.  We won't cut out the "yummies", instead we will implement them into a holistic eating plan fit just for you.  Eating the right foods and adding supplements can remove discomfort from body, change moods, alleviate pain, remove mucus and heal certain skin conditions.  You will eat in a way that promotes health in your body.

Weight Loss & Physical Coach

Whether you want to lose the last ten pounds or a lot, I can be of service to you.  
Carrying excess weight around your midsection can lead to heart attack, stroke and diabetes.  Also as we age our metabolisms slow down and we start seeing excess fat collecting in unwanted areas.  In addition, our sleep is restless, causing extra stress and enhancing "cortisol," the hormone that sparks fat to collect around our midsection.  

Our plan of attack is to speed up the metabolism at any age, using only natural herbs, teas and/or supplemental products to ignite our metabolisms.  Also, using free weights we burn more calories and build lean muscle mass, which causes our bodies to burn calories, even while we rest.  Weight loss will be permanent because our body's burning mechanism, is restored back to a healthy metabolism.

Other Services: Web Development

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