Quotes The third night was a tremendous victory!!! I knew God had delivered me from the addiction to prescription drugs. I thank God. I?m continuing with my counselor, my youngest daughter, Danielle, she?s guiding me through the word. I could not have made it without my daughters. I encourage you to seek out therapist who are Godly-inspired and whose faith can penetrate the barriers of disbelief. I recommend that you call Ms. Danielle Parish who is a God-fearing, God-loving,God-believing, well-educated and well-versed woman in the word of God. If you want to feel the healing power of our Lord then seek out, healing and believing professionals. I recommend to you Ms. Danielle J S E Parish, a tool in God?s hands and a faithful young lady in God?s army. Thank you very much! Quotes
John Lee Parish
Author "Cry Aloud: From Protest to Praise"

Quotes I could do more than exist and survive or succumb to "whatever happens." I needed my fight back and I needed a believer. She partnered with me and now she acts as my therapist, friend, trainer, and weight loss guru. Quotes
Laurie Hines

Quotes Danielle is very calming and spiritually discerning so I trust her with matters of the heart. She is professional and caring and most important, a great listener. She is called to this. She is helping me transition, establish boundaries, achieve fitness, weight loss and career goals. She is an ideal coach & heaven- sent. She has planned my new schedule making "me" relevant while implementing active and creative tasks-calling my gifts forth. It is paying off. I am writing more, exercising more and overall less anxious about change. What I love is her personalized approach to "working it out." She works from the inside out making a whole person. I want to be whole and am progressing quickly. She suggested making changes within my home and now I don't want to leave! It felt unbearable but was instantly evolved. My life was not anchored, things seemed uncertain and I needed help. I was a mess! I had no energy and no peace. When I met her she reassured me that I could take charge of life. Quotes
Laurie Hines

Quotes Danielle Parish is an excellent resource and has a wealth of knowledge and personal experience in dietary health and nutrition. She has helped me on a number of occasions in weight management (i.e. preparing for my wedding and following pregnancy) and restorative health following a major brain tumor surgery. Danielle provided resources, educational materials, nutritional recommendations, ongoing prayers and support. She also makes an excellent resource for my own work as a psychologist. Danielle is highly passionate about her purpose in holistic health and the power of God's healing touch. I would highly recommend Danielle Parish and the services of Healthy Nephesh: Mind, Body & Soul Health!!! Quotes
Talitha Easterly

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