After years of suffering with chronic acne, anemia and weight fluctuations in my three years at Seminary school, God allowed me to come to peace in my body, finding a workable regimen for myself and for others.  Using nothing but natural products and whole foods one can come to wholeness & health.  Not to mention God helped to overcome past pains & burdens left in my body, mind and soul.  I now have the experience and success to gain victory for others. 

Currently, I am working with clients; teens, women, youth and helping them to lose weight, pursue their passions and overcome their insecurities.  I am also a certified and licensed Life Coach.  I graduated in May 2009 with my Master's of Divinity after completing my B.A. in Political Science & a minor in Sociology at the University of Southern California, 2006.  Born in San Pablo, California, my parents, two older sisters and I all moved to Hawaii where we were raised.  As a proud Black & Filipina woman, I seek to serve people and love God with all that I am and in all that I do. 

My hobbies include dancing as a Liturgical Praise Dancer, with past performances for the Mountain Views TV show out of New Jersey (Christian) & various other events, services, and ceremonies.  I am also a personal fashion stylist, fashion designer, poet and writer for Los Angeles Religion & Spirituality Page, and a Freelance Editor.  You can check out my writings there.  I am the Liberal/Evangelical Writer. 

I believe that I am seasoned to serve you and have found great purpose in this season of my life.  

Danielle's Bio:

Danielle is a Professional and Published Writer with Examiner.com.  She is the Liberal/Evangelical Writer.  You can see her writings here: See Writings: Liberal/Evangelical Writer

Specializations:  Physical Wellness Consultation and Training, Life Coach, Christian Counselor, Nutrition Specialist, Diet Consultant & Natural Healer, Licensed and Certified Life Coach


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